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Our entire database is available online and is updated frequently.
The database includes all items listed in our catalogs

  • Parts for models we do not supply a catalog for, this ranges from Hummers, Sportsters and Shovelheads to Topper scooters, Snowmobiles etc.
  • Parts that we do not have in a quantity large enough to include in one of our catalogs; If you can not find a part in one of our catalogs we might have it in our database.
  • Original versions of parts we only have listed as repro in our catalogs (the catalogs are a mixture of original and repro parts).

If you have downloaded a catalog or have one of our printed catalogs it is also easy to check if items are still available and if the price has changed. It is also possible to download the entire database as a pdf file.

About the part numbers:

The number in the "Order number"-column is the number we need if you want to order the part.
The number in the "OEM reference"-column is the "Original Equipment Manufacturer" number, the original part number.

From the Order number you can tell if it is an original or repro part:
If the number begins with a letter it is a repro part. (usually an R for parts, an L for books, C for Colony kits, etc.)
Many items are listed without a price, this means they are in stock but you will have to ask for a price quote.

Tips for searching our database


  • If you select searching for "Any of these words", your search will be less specific: searching for "valve xlcr" finds hits with valve OR with xlcr OR with valve AND xlcr.
    If you select searching for "All of these words", your search will be more specific: searching for "valve xlcr" only finds hits with valve AND xlcr.
  • If you put "NOT" in front of a word, this word will be exluded from the search. E.g. search for "valve NOT xlcr" will return hits that contain valve and do NOT contain xlcr.
  • If you put words between quotation marks, the search will return hits that have the words near each other.

Searching by part number:

  • Part numbers can be old or new ('51-up), the late part numbers are usually called OEM numbers.
  • Part numbers do not have to be complete, for example, searching for "175-39" might return "175-39", but also "2175-39" and "22175-39". "-41" returns all part numbers with suffix 41.

Searching by keyword:

  • Searching by keyword can be done by part or by model. For example, search for "valve" or search for "XLCR". Searching by model is however the least effective method of searching the database. There might be many parts for your model in our database without your model being specifically mentioned. Search by part number to get the best results.
  • The shorter the keyword, the more results. For example, "valve" will return intake valve, exhaust valve, valve spring, valve spring collar, etc.

When we started this database we had never heard of the internet or search engines. This database was for our own use. Many of the descriptions could not be found through the search engine, such as model "D" "W" "G" Sp".

We are trying to make it easier to find parts with descriptions (keywords) such as "Snowmobile", "XLCR", "WLA", "Knucklehead", "Shovelhead", "XLCH", "Sportster", "Servi-car", "FLH".
It will take a few more months to change the descriptions, but once we have, you will only need to type in the name of your model and this site should be able to tell you what parts we have available for that particular model.


  • browse by model:
  • Aermacchi 4421 parts
    Baja, MSR-100 721 parts
    Black 2800 parts
    Bobcat 555 parts
    Book, manual, brochure 2370 hits
    Box, bag, pack 1144 parts
    Buell 3676 parts
    Chrome 7144 parts
    Classic 5259 parts
    Collectables 782 parts
    Colony 2847 parts
    Duo Glide 3769 parts
    Dyna 4873 parts
    Eagle Iron 397 parts
    Electra Glide 10599 parts
    FLT, Tour Glide 7049 parts
    FX's 14274 parts
    FXR 5142 parts
    Golf car, Utilicar 1708 parts
    Heritage 2006 parts
    Hummer 640 parts
    Hydra Glide 3828 parts
    JD 1101 parts
    JIMS 580 parts
    James gaskets 289 parts
    K-model 1482 parts
    KH 2188 parts
    Knucklehead 4140 parts
    Low Rider 5710 parts
    M-50, M-65 877 parts
    MX 250 (1978) 191 parts
    MX-250 (1975) 301 parts
    NOS parts  25 parts
    Pacer 712 parts
    Painted parts 1309 parts
    Panhead 6220 parts
    Parkerized 1556 parts
    Police 499 parts
    RR-250 ('74-'75) 125 parts
    Racing 5036 parts
    Ranger 465 parts
    Rapido, ML, MLS 923 parts
    Road Glide 1221 parts
    Road King 1955 parts
    Roadster 2288 parts
    S&S 288 parts
    ST 165 607 parts
    SX 125 ('74-'75) 328 parts
    Scat 667 parts
    Screamin' Eagle 948 parts
    Servi-car 5177 parts
    Shortster, X-90 891 parts
    Shovelhead 11074 parts
    Sidecar 915 parts
    Snowmobile 816 parts
    Softail 8839 parts
    Sportster 13606 parts
    Sprint 1966 parts
    Super Glide 7990 parts
    Super-10 602 parts
    TX 125 (1973) 244 parts
    Tools 773 parts
    Topper 739 parts
    Touring 15459 parts
    UL 5250 parts
    V-rod 2420 parts
    VL 1880 parts
    VR 1000 186 parts
    WL, WLA, WLC 3988 parts
    Wide Glide 2726 parts
    XL, XLH, XLC, XLCH 13016 parts
    XLCR 1648 parts
    XR 750 976 parts
    XR-1000 190 parts
    Z-90 686 parts
    view all 56036 parts

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