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  41470-78T (41470-78) 41470-78T 41470-78 Sprocket, rear wheel - 51 T Eagle Iron - NOS - XL 79-81. FX 1978chrometaiwan155.00128.10
  41470-82T (41470-82T) 41470-82T 41470-82T Sprocket, rear wheel - 48T "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XL '82-'85chrometaiwan155.00128.10
  41480-79T (41480-79T) 41480-79T 41480-79T Rear sprocket - 47 T "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XL, FX, FLchrometaiwan110.0090.91
  41491-90T (41491-90T) 41491-90T 41491-90T Rear sprocket - 51 T Eagle Iron - NOS - XL '86-'92, except beltchrometaiwan85.0070.25
  41493-90T (41493-90T) 41493-90T 41493-90T Rear sprocket - 47 T "Eagle Iron" - NOS-XL '86-'92, except beltchrometaiwan95.0078.51
  41494-90T (41494-90T) 41494-90T 41494-90T Rear sprocket - 46 T "Eagle Iron" - NOS-XL '86-'92, except beltchrometaiwan110.0090.91
  41530-84T (41530-84T /94924-84T) 41530-84T 41530-84T /94924-84T Rear chain / belt adjuster "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FL, FX, FXR, XL taiwan13.0010.74
  41531-84T (41531-84T /94926-84T) 41531-84T 41531-84T /94926-84T Rear chain adjuster "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XL's '54-'78zinctaiwan10.008.26
  41680-83T (41680-83T/ 94904-84T) 41680-83T 41680-83T/ 94904-84T Support, rear caliper "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FL's, FX's '73-'80 taiwan28.0023.14
  41727-85T (41727-85T) 41727-85T 41727-85T Cover, rear master cylinder "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XL's '80-'03chrometaiwan39.0032.23
  41737-63T (41737-63) 41737-63T 41737-63 Cover, rear master cylinder "Eagle Iron" NOS- FL 63-e79.FX 71-e75chrometaiwan45.0037.19
  41745-79T (41745-79) 41745-79T 41745-79 Cover, rear master cylinder "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FL.FLT.FXWGchrometaiwan54.0044.63
  42269-70T (42269-70T) 42269-70T 42269-70T Clevis pin kit, brake rod "Eagle Iron" - NOS-FL 70-84. FLT. FX.250" x .600"taiwan2.001.65
  42381-87T (42381-87T) 42381-87T 42381-87T Cover, master cylinder "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XL 82-87. FLST 86-e87chrome etchedtaiwan15.0012.40
  42410-75TA (42410-75A) 42410-75TA 42410-75A Brake pedal "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XL '77-'79chrometaiwan85.0070.25
  42411-70T (42411-70) 42411-70T 42411-70 Stop plate, foot brake lever,Eagle Iron,NOS-FL 70-e79. FX 71-e72chrometaiwan12.009.92
  44154-73T (44154-73) 44154-73T 44154-73 Anchor arm, caliper bracket "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FL, FX, FLHS-80chrometaiwan26.0021.49
  44401-49TB (44401-49TB) 44401-49TB 44401-49TB Set of brake shoes "Eagle Iron" NOS - FL 49-71. KH, XL 54-78 taiwan85.0070.25
  44467-88T (44467-88T) 44467-88T 44467-88T Front wheel hub cap "Eagle Iron" - NOSchrometaiwan45.0037.19
  45004-87T (45004-87T) 45004-87T 45004-87T Cover, master cylinder "Eagle Iron" - NOS - Big Twins, XL L85-95chrome etchedtaiwan15.0012.40
  45016-73T (45016-73T / 45016-72) 45016-73T 45016-73T / 45016-72 Powergrip brake lever "Eagle Iron" NOS- XL 72-81. FL.FLT.FX 73-81chrometaiwan65.0053.72
  45016-82T (45016-82T) 45016-82T 45016-82T Brake lever "Eagle Iron" NOS-FLT,FXD 82-90. XL 82-91. FXR FXSTpolishedtaiwan27.0022.31
  45017-68T (45017-68T /45024-65A) 45017-68T 45017-68T /45024-65A Clutch and brake lever "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FL, FLT, FX, XLpolishedtaiwan37.0030.58
  45017-69T (45017-69T /45024-65A) 45017-69T 45017-69T /45024-65A Powergrip hand lever "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FL, FLT, FX, XLchrometaiwan65.0053.72
  45017-82T (45017-82) 45017-82T 45017-82 Clutch lever "Eagle Iron" NOS - XL, FLH, FLT, FXR '82-'87polishedtaiwan34.0028.10
  45052-86T (45052-86T) 45052-86T 45052-86T Cover, master cylinder "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XL,FX 73-81. FL 72-81chrome etchedtaiwan17.0014.05
  45057-87T (45057-87T) 45057-87T 45057-87T Cover, master cyl "Eagle Iron" - NOS- XL 73-81.FL 72-81.FLT 80-81chrome etchedtaiwan21.0017.36
  45062-82T (45062-82 / 45017-82) 45062-82T 45062-82 / 45017-82 Clutch lever "Eagle Iron" - NOS - All models '82-'87chrometaiwan27.0022.31
  45064-82T (45064-82 / 45016-82) 45064-82T 45064-82 / 45016-82 Hand lever, front brake "Eagle Iron" - NOS - All models '82-'90chrometaiwan27.0022.31
  45080-83T (45080-83T /45024-65A) 45080-83T 45080-83T /45024-65A Clutch and brake lever "Eagle Iron" - NOSchrometaiwan29.0023.97
  45082-83T (45082-83T / 45016-72) 45082-83T 45082-83T / 45016-72 Brake lever "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FX, FLH '72-'81chrometaiwan28.0023.14
  45083-83T (45083-83T / 45016-82) 45083-83T 45083-83T / 45016-82 Brake lever "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FX, FLH '82-'92blacktaiwan29.0023.97
  45350-84T (45350-84T /94938-84T) 45350-84T 45350-84T /94938-84T Set of fork boot caps "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FXR 76-87, Showachrometaiwan29.0023.97
  45351-84T (45351-84T /94939-84T) 45351-84T 45351-84T /94939-84T Set of fork boot caps "Eagle Iron" NOS - FX 73-77.XL 73-74.Kayabachrometaiwan29.0023.97
  45708-85T (45708-85T) 45708-85T 45708-85T Front fork cover "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FX's, XL's 71-87. FXR 82-87chrometaiwan39.0032.23
  45983-73T (45983-73) 45983-73T 45983-73 Dust cover "Eagle Iron" NOS - FX 73-77. XLH,XLCH 73-74Kayabataiwan8.006.61
  47116-77T (47116-77T /94975-85T) 47116-77T 47116-77T /94975-85T Bracket,footrest,left,Eagle Iron,NOS-FLHS.FXS,FXEF,FXB,FXWG 77-81chrometaiwan24.0019.83
  47159-79TA (47159-79TA) 47159-79TA 47159-79TA Front engine mount "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FLT, FXR '80-'04chrometaiwan47.0038.84
  47300-88T (47300-88T) 47300-88T 47300-88T Frame trim set "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FLSTchrometaiwan54.0044.63
  47309-88T (47309-88T) 47309-88T 47309-88T Cover, frame "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FXR's '85-chrometaiwan38.0031.40
  47850-88T (47850-88T) 47850-88T 47850-88T Swing arm end cap covers "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FXR's '82-'89chrometaiwan45.0037.19
  47850-90T (47850-90T) 47850-90T 47850-90T Swing arm end cap covers "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FXR's '90-chrometaiwan45.0037.19
  49028-85T (49028-85T  94697-85T) 49028-85T 49028-85T 94697-85T O-ring set, replacement o-rings,Eagle Iron - NOS, large footrests taiwan4.003.31
  49028-85T.6pack (49028-85T  94697-85T) 49028-85T.6pack 49028-85T 94697-85T O-ring set, replacement o-rings "Eagle Iron" 6 sets - NOS taiwan17.0014.05
  49029-84T (49029-84T  94931-84T) 49029-84T 49029-84T 94931-84T O-ring set, replacement o-rings,Eagle Iron NOS-flat starter pedal taiwan4.003.31
  49030-84T (49030-84T  94941-84T) 49030-84T 49030-84T 94941-84T O-ring set, replacement o-rings "Eagle Iron" - NOS - shifter peg taiwan3.002.48
  49031-84T (49031-84T  94955-84T) 49031-84T 49031-84T 94955-84T O-ring set, repl o-rings,Eagle Iron,NOS-footrest&round kickstart taiwan4.503.72
  49031-84T.6pack (49031-84T  94955-84T) 49031-84T.6pack 49031-84T 94955-84T O-ring set, replacement o-rings "Eagle Iron" 6 sets - NOS taiwan19.0015.70
  49102-86T (49102-86T) 49102-86T 49102-86T Pair of custom "Harley" footpegs, 1"& 1-1/4" bars Eagle Iron-NOSchrometaiwan65.0053.72
49106-78T 49106-78T Hi-way peg mounting kit "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XL's through mid'84chrometaiwan65.0053.72
  49159-88T (49159-88T) 49159-88T 49159-88T Hi-way peg mounting kit "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XL's mid'84-'03chrometaiwan75.0061.98
  49170-85T (49170-85T  94972-85T) 49170-85T 49170-85T 94972-85T Hi-way peg mtg kit;models w/o engine guard "Eagle Iron" NOS - FXRchrometaiwan85.0070.25
  49171-85T (49171-85T  94974-85T) 49171-85T 49171-85T 94974-85T Hi-way peg mounting kit "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FX'schrometaiwan85.0070.25
  49502-92T (49502-92) 49502-92T 49502-92 Extended small footrest replacement rubbers Eagle Iron NOS,FX,XL taiwan24.0019.83
  50015-74T (50015-74 / 50094-36) 50015-74T 50015-74 / 50094-36 Leg stop,jiffy stand Eagle Iron, NOS - FL 58-84. FLT 80-95.FX 71-chrometaiwan19.0015.70
  50028-74T (50028-74 / 50036-36) 50028-74T 50028-74 / 50036-36 Bracket, jiffy stand spring "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FL, FXST, FXchrometaiwan17.0014.05
  50603-66T (50603-66) 50603-66T 50603-66 Footboard "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FL '66-'74. Servi-car '66-'73chrometaiwan55.0045.45
  50614-66T (50614-66) 50614-66T 50614-66 Set of footboard mats "Eagle Iron" - NOS - Touring '66-'84blacktaiwan29.0023.97
  50884-89T (50884-89T) 50884-89T 50884-89T Repacement footrest cushions (large footrest) "Eagle Iron" - NOS taiwan12.009.92
  50886-89T (50886-89T) 50886-89T 50886-89T Repacement footrest cushions (small footrest) "Eagle Iron" - NOS taiwan12.009.92
  50887-89T (50887-89T) 50887-89T 50887-89T End caps, for 50911-89T "Eagle Iron" - NOSpairtaiwan39.0032.23
  50888-89T (50888-89T) 50888-89T 50888-89T End caps, large footrest "Eagle Iron" - NOSpairtaiwan38.0031.40
  50889-89T (50889-89T) 50889-89T 50889-89T End caps, small footrest "Eagle Iron" - NOSpairtaiwan29.0023.97
  50900-72T (50900-72T) 50900-72T 50900-72T Footrest support,w.hardware "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XL,FX,FXST,FXRchrometaiwan20.0016.53
  50901-84T (50901-84T  94954-84T) 50901-84T 50901-84T 94954-84T O-ring footrest - small diameter "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FX, XL taiwan21.0017.36
  50902-84T (50902-84T  94966-84T) 50902-84T 50902-84T 94966-84T O-ring kick start pedal "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FX 71-76. XLCH 58-76chrometaiwan55.0045.45
  50903-85T (50903-85T  94971-85T) 50903-85T 50903-85T 94971-85T 3-piece footpeg clamp - 1-1/4" diameter "Eagle Iron" - NOSchrometaiwan36.0029.75
  50904-85T (50904-85T  94973-85T) 50904-85T 50904-85T 94973-85T 3-piece footpeg clamp - 1" diameter "Eagle Iron" - NOSchrometaiwan34.0028.10
  50905-85T (50905-85T  94979-85T) 50905-85T 50905-85T 94979-85T 3-piece footpeg clamp - 1-1/8" diameter "Eagle Iron" - NOSchrometaiwan29.0023.97
R 50905-85T 50905-85T 3-piece footpeg clamp - 1-1/8" diameter "Eagle Iron"chrometaiwan10.008.26
  50909-88T (50909-88T) 50909-88T 50909-88T Cushion footrests - large "Eagle Iron" - NOS taiwan65.0053.72
  50910-88T (50910-88T) 50910-88T 50910-88T Cushion footrests - small "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XL, FX, FLH, FLT taiwan55.0045.45
  50911-89T (50911-89T) 50911-89T 50911-89T Large cushion footrests / small end "Eagle Iron" - NOS taiwan65.0053.72
  50914-90T (50914-90T) 50914-90T 50914-90T Large dia. footpegs / large end, female-mount "Eagle Iron" - NOchrometaiwan75.0061.98
  50917-90T (50917-90T) 50917-90T 50917-90T Replacement rubbers for large footpeg "Eagle Iron" - NOS taiwan15.0012.40
  50918-90T (50918-90T) 50918-90T 50918-90T Replacement rubbers for small footpeg "Eagle Iron" - NOS taiwan15.0012.40
  52573-77T (52573-77) 52573-77T 52573-77 Derby cover, chainguard, flat Eagle Iron NOS - Big Twins 70-99chrometaiwan33.0027.27
  52651-85T (52651-85T) 52651-85T 52651-85T O-ring footrest, large diameter "Eagle Iron" NOS, Touring. taiwan28.0023.14
  54704-75TA (54704-75) 54704-75TA 54704-75 Set of shock stud covers "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XLH, XLCH '75-'78chrometaiwan18.0014.88
  54708-88T (54708-88T) 54708-88T 54708-88T Cover,shock absorber stud "Eagle Iron" NOS - XL 82-90. FXR 82-94chrometaiwan14.0011.57
  54708-88TA (54708-88TA) 54708-88TA 54708-88TA Set of shock stud covers "Eagle Iron" - NOS, XL 82-90. FXR 82-94chrometaiwan28.0023.14
55920-83T 55920-83T Handlebar, with dimple "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FLT '84-'87chrometaiwan95.0078.51
55920-83TA 55920-83T Handlebar "Eagle Iron" - NOSchrometaiwan95.0078.51
  56010-88T (56010-88T) 56010-88T 56010-88T Pair of foam grips - grooved "Johar" "Eagle Iron" - NOS usa18.0014.88
  56011-88T (56011-88T) 56011-88T 56011-88T Pair of foam grips - smooth "Johar" "Eagle Iron" - NOS usa18.0014.88
  56050-83T (56050-83T /94856-83T) 56050-83T 56050-83T /94856-83T Handlebar risers 3" - dome type "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FX,XL '74- taiwan95.0078.51
  56051-83T (56051-83T /94858-83T) 56051-83T 56051-83T /94858-83T Handlebar risers - dome type "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FX, XL '74-pullbacktaiwan95.0078.51
  56052-83T (56052-83T /94860-83T) 56052-83T 56052-83T /94860-83T Handlebar risers 5" - dome type "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FX, XL '74- taiwan95.0078.51
56083-74T 56083-74 Handlebar - buckhorn "Eagle Iron" - NOSchrometaiwan135.00111.57
56085-83T 56085-83 Handlebar "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XLX 83-85. FXD's. XR-1000chrometaiwan175.00144.63
56086-81T 56086-81T Handlebar, with dimple - buckhorn "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FL,XL,FXchrometaiwan135.00111.57
56157-85T 56157-85T /94861-85T Handlebar damper kit "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FXR, XL '73- taiwan34.0028.10
  56176-91T (56176-91T) 56176-91T 56176-91T Upper h.bar clamp w.skirt "Live to Ride" Eagle Iron - NOS - XL,FXgold eagletaiwan55.0045.45
  56308-86T (56308-86T) 56308-86T 56308-86T Throttle control assy. "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XL's '86-'87 taiwan28.0023.14
  56308-88T (56308-88) 56308-88T 56308-88 Throttle control "Eagle Iron" NOS - XL's '88-'95. Buell '95-'96 taiwan28.0023.14
  56309-86T (56309-86) 56309-86T 56309-86 Idle control assy. "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XL's '86-'87 taiwan28.0023.14
  56314-78T (56314-78) 56314-78T 56314-78 Throttle control assy. "Eagle Iron" - NOS - XL's late'76-'78 taiwan28.0023.14
  56324-81TA (56324-81A) 56324-81TA 56324-81A Throttle control cable, throttle open "Eagle Iron" NOS - FL,XL,FX taiwan35.0028.93
  56327-81TB (56327-81B) 56327-81TB 56327-81B Throttle control cable assy. "Eagle Iron" - NOS taiwan35.0028.93
  56331-81T (56331-81) 56331-81T 56331-81 Idle control assy. "Eagle Iron" - NOS - FXB 1981 taiwan35.0028.93

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