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   1297-26 (27406-26) 1297-26 27406-26 Ball, friction - NOS usa0.600.50
R   1297-26 (27406-26) R 1297-26 27406-26 Ball, friction usa0.350.29
  27068-67P (27068-67P) 27068-67P 27068-67P Gasket, intake manifold - NOS italy1.501.24
  27124-70P (27124-70P) 27124-70P 27124-70P Carburetor - Dellorto - NOS italy245.00202.48
  27124-73P (27124-73P) 27124-73P 27124-73P Carburetor - Dellorto - NOS italy355.00293.39
  27229-66P (27229-66P) 27229-66P 27229-66P Retainer, choke plate pin - NOS italy1.501.24
  27230-66P (27230-66P) 27230-66P 27230-66P Spring, choke plate - NOS italy2.001.65
  27231-66P (27231-66P) 27231-66P 27231-66P Pin, choke plate - NOS italy7.005.79
  27232-66P (27232-66P) 27232-66P 27232-66P Choke plate - NOSzincitaly6.004.96
  27329-66P (27329-66P) 27329-66P 27329-66P Gasket, main nozzle plug - NOS italy1.000.83
  27332-66P (27332-66P) 27332-66P 27332-66P Main nozzle - NOS italy35.0028.93
  27334-66P (27334-66P) 27334-66P 27334-66P Plug, main nozzle - NOS italy7.005.79
  27406-26 (27406-26) 27406-26 27406-26 Ball, friction - NOS usa0.600.50
  27506-66P (27506-66P) 27506-66P 27506-66P Cover, float bowl - NOS italy19.0015.70
  27509-66P (27509-66P) 27509-66P 27509-66P Screw, bowl cover - NOS italy0.800.66
  27511-66P (27511-66P) 27511-66P 27511-66P Gasket, bowl - NOS italy2.001.65
  27514-66P (27514-66P / 8550) 27514-66P 27514-66P / 8550 Washer bowl cover screw - NOS italy1.000.83
  27535-66P (27535-66P) 27535-66P 27535-66P Float - NOS italy36.0029.75
  27536-66P (27536-66P) 27536-66P 27536-66P Float pin - NOS italy11.009.09
  27540-66P (27540-66P) 27540-66P 27540-66P Spring, float pin - NOS italy5.004.13
  27541-61P (27541-61P) 27541-61P 27541-61P Lock ring, float pin - NOS italy3.502.89
  27572-66P (27572-66P) 27572-66P 27572-66P Throttle slide - NOS italy37.0030.58
  27573-66P (27573-66P) 27573-66P 27573-66P Spring, throttle slide - NOS italy4.003.31
  27575-66P (27575-66P) 27575-66P 27575-66P Cable fastener, throttle slide - NOS italy4.003.31
  27579-65P (27579-65P) 27579-65P 27579-65P Screw, throttle slide - NOS italy5.004.13
  27588-61P (27588-61P) 27588-61P 27588-61P Nut, throttle piston stop screw - NOS italy1.501.24
  27589-66P (27589-66P) 27589-66P 27589-66P Gasket, inlet fitting - NOS italy2.001.65
  27591-66P (27591-66P) 27591-66P 27591-66P Screw, inlet fitting - NOS italy3.002.48
  27592-70P (27592-70P) 27592-70P 27592-70P Gasket, inlet fitting screw - NOS italy1.501.24
  27604-66P (27604-66P) 27604-66P 27604-66P Gas filter - NOS italy19.0015.70
  27604-73P (27604-73P) 27604-73P 27604-73P Gas strainer - NOS italy11.009.09
  27605-73P (27605-73P) 27605-73P 27605-73P Gasket, inlet fitting - NOS italy1.501.24
  27606-69P (27606-69P / 5761/60) 27606-69P 27606-69P / 5761/60 Low speed jet - .60 mm - NOS italy7.005.79
  27607-73P (27607-73P) 27607-73P 27607-73P Inlet fitting - NOS italy21.0017.36
  27611-71P (27611-71P / 5761/45) 27611-71P 27611-71P / 5761/45 High speed jet - .45 mm - NOS italy12.009.92
  27616-65P (27616-65P) 27616-65P 27616-65P High speed jet .54 mm - NOS italy14.0011.57
27617-65P 27617-65P / 5761/55 High speed / low speed jet .55 mm - NOS italy12.009.92
  27618-65P (27618-65P) 27618-65P 27618-65P High speed jet .56 mm - NOS italy14.0011.57
27618-66P 27618-66P High speed jet .69 mm - NOS italy16.0013.22
  27618-67P (27618-67P) 27618-67P 27618-67P High speed jet 1.05 mm - NOS italy14.0011.57
  27619-61PA (27619-61PA) 27619-61PA 27619-61PA High speed jet 1.00 mm - (Sprint, used with air filter) - NOS italy14.0011.57
  27619-66P (27619-66P) 27619-66P 27619-66P High speed jet .70 mm - NOS italy8.006.61
  27620-61P (27620-61P) 27620-61P 27620-61P High speed jet 1.08 mm - NOS italy8.006.61
  27620-65P (27620-65P) 27620-65P 27620-65P High speed jet .58 mm - NOS italy9.007.44
27620-66P 27620-66P Carrier, high speed jet - NOS italy12.009.92
27620-67P 27620-67P High speed jet .72 mm standard - NOS italy14.0011.57
  27621-65P (27621-65P / 5761/57) 27621-65P 27621-65P / 5761/57 High / low speed jet .57 mm - NOS italy14.0011.57
  27622-66P (27622-66P) 27622-66P 27622-66P High speed jet .71 mm - NOS italy8.006.61
  27622-67P (27622-67P) 27622-67P 27622-67P High speed jet .74 mm - NOS italy9.007.44
  27623-67P (27623-67P) 27623-67P 27623-67P High speed jet .75 mm - NOS italy9.007.44
  27624-66P (27624-66P) 27624-66P 27624-66P Low speed jet - NOS italy10.008.26
  27624-70P (27624-70P) 27624-70P 27624-70P High speed jet .99 mm - NOS italy10.008.26
  27626-68P (27626-68P) 27626-68P 27626-68P High speed jet .95 mm - NOS italy10.008.26
  27626-70P (27626-70P) 27626-70P 27626-70P High speed jet .85 mm - NOS italy10.008.26
  27627-68P (27627-68P) 27627-68P 27627-68P High speed jet .92 mm - NOS italy10.008.26
  27628-66P (27628-66P) 27628-66P 27628-66P Screw, idle speed adjusting - NOS italy6.004.96
  27628-73P (27628-73P) 27628-73P 27628-73P Screw, idle mixture - NOS italy6.004.96
  27629-66P (27629-66P) 27629-66P 27629-66P Spring, idle speed screw - NOS italy2.001.65
  27629-73P (27629-73P / 6156) 27629-73P 27629-73P / 6156 Spring, idle mixture screw - NOSzincitaly1.501.24
  27630-66P (27630-66P) 27630-66P 27630-66P Regulator screw, throttle side - NOS italy11.009.09
  27631-61P (27631-61P) 27631-61P 27631-61P Spring, regulator screw - NOS italy2.001.65
  27639-74P (27639-74P) 27639-74P 27639-74P High speed jet .90 mm - NOS italy14.0011.57
  27642-73P (27642-73P) 27642-73P 27642-73P High speed jet 1.12 mm - NOS italy12.009.92
  27643-73P (27643-73P) 27643-73P 27643-73P High speed jet 1.15 mm - NOS italy8.006.61
  27669-61P (27669-61P) 27669-61P 27669-61P Hairpin spring - choke rod - NOS italy3.002.48
  27693-66P (27693-66P) 27693-66P 27693-66P Metering pin - NOS italy16.0013.22
  27694-66P (27694-66P) 27694-66P 27694-66P Retainer, metering pin - NOS italy2.502.07
  27707-69PA (27707-69PA / 6151) 27707-69PA 27707-69PA / 6151 Screw, throttle piston cover - NOS italy1.501.24
  27708-69P (27708-69P / 12029) 27708-69P 27708-69P / 12029 Screw, throttle piston pin - NOS italy15.0012.40
  27709-69P (27709-69P / 12030) 27709-69P 27709-69P / 12030 Spring, throttle piston stop screw - NOS italy1.701.40
  27725-61P (27725-61P / 4103) 27725-61P 27725-61P / 4103 Adjusting screw, control cable - NOSzincitaly5.004.13
  27726-61P (27726-61P / 4104) 27726-61P 27726-61P / 4104 Nut, control cable adjusting screw - NOSzincitaly1.000.83
27727-73P 27727-73P Clamp, intake manifold - NOS italy21.0017.36
  27728-61P (27728-61P) 27728-61P 27728-61P Screw, intake manifold clamp - NOSzincitaly4.003.31
  27750-73P (27750-73P / 19432) 27750-73P 27750-73P / 19432 Spring, throttle piston - NOS italy1.000.83
27751-69P 27751-69P Rubber cap, front stoplight switch / control coil adj. screw - NO italy7.005.79
  27756-71P (27756-71P/ 27724-76P) 27756-71P 27756-71P/ 27724-76P Nut, intake pipe clamp 6 mm - NOS italy4.003.31
  27760-73P (27760-73P) 27760-73P 27760-73P Gasket, throttle piston cover - NOS italy2.001.65
27760-73P.10pack 27760-73P Gaskets, throttle piston cover - NOS italy15.0012.40
  27761-73P (27761-73P) 27761-73P 27761-73P Throttle piston - NOS italy37.0030.58
  27762-73P (27762-73P / 19424) 27762-73P 27762-73P / 19424 Starter valve assy. - NOS italy42.0034.71
  27763-73P (27763-73P) 27763-73P 27763-73P Float - NOS italy32.0026.45
  27764-73P (27764-73P) 27764-73P 27764-73P Pin, float - NOS italy1.501.24
  27766-73P (27766-73P) 27766-73P 27766-73P Gasket, bowl - NOS italy5.004.13
27766-73P.10pack 27766-73P Gaskets, bowl - NOS italy35.0028.93
  27767-73P (27767-73P) 27767-73P 27767-73P Screw, float bowl - NOSzincitaly7.005.79
  27770-73P (27770-73P) 27770-73P 27770-73P Starting jet - NOS italy9.007.44
  27773-73P (27773-73P) 27773-73P 27773-73P Low speed jet .55 mm - NOS italy17.0014.05
  27774-73P (27774-73P/ 27680-75P) 27774-73P 27774-73P/ 27680-75P O-ring starter valve - NOS italy1.401.16
  29034-71 (29034-71) 29034-71 29034-71 Filter element - plastic foam type, without foam - NOS usa12.009.92
  29037-68P (29037-68P) 29037-68P 29037-68P Filter element - pleated paper type - NOS italy38.0031.40
  29052-66P (29052-66P) 29052-66P 29052-66P Air filter element - NOS italy25.0020.66
  29096-72P (29096-72P / 18038) 29096-72P 29096-72P / 18038 Clamp, air cleaner / intake pipe - NOS italy18.0014.88
  29108-66P (29108-66P) 29108-66P 29108-66P Gasket, air filter - NOS italy1.000.83
  29123-66P (29123-66P) 29123-66P 29123-66P Spacer tube, silencer - NOSzincitaly5.004.13
  29126-66P (29126-66P) 29126-66P 29126-66P Screw, silencer mounting - NOSzincitaly2.001.65
  29128-66P (29128-66P) 29128-66P 29128-66P Spacer, filter element - NOSzincitaly5.004.13

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