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  Order number ? OEM reference ? Description Finish OriginPrice (EUR) Export (EUR)?
D 030110 (K3800 / 20144) D 030110 K3800 / 20144 Carriage Works motorcycle accessories, points cover - Big Twinschromeusa65.0053.72
D K1004 () D K1004   Kuryakynchrome 35.0028.93
D K1005 () D K1005   Kuryakyn axle adjuster bolt and coverschromeusa20.0016.53
D K1006   Kuryakyn chrome end caps for FXD, Dyna usa25.0020.66
D K1008 () D K1008   Kuryakyn peaked oil filler accent - '07-up Touringchrometaiwan14.0011.57
D K1013   Kuryakyn dipstick - Big Twins '87-'06chromeusa24.5020.25
D K1015   Kuryakyn dipstick - Big Twins '87-'06blueusa22.5018.60
D K1017   Kuryakyn dipstick - Big Twins '87-'06blackusa21.5017.77
D K1021   Kuryakyn plain Trigger lever set '82-'95chromekorea85.0070.25
D K1025   Kuryakyn "Girder" shift lever - Softail, FXST, FXD, Dyna, FXR '82chromekorea53.5044.21
D K1029   Kuryakyn Trigger levers - cable operated clutch '96-'11 korea85.0070.25
D K1031   Kuryakyn rear shift eliminator - Softail FLST. Dressers '86-'04chrometaiwan34.5028.51
D K1032   Kuryakyn rear shift eliminator with rubber - Dressers, Road King    
D K1033   Kuryakyn rear shift eliminator Softail FLST taiwan10.008.26
D K1045   Kuryakyn heel shift eliminator - Touring '80-chrometaiwan34.5028.51
D K1054   Kuryakyn Zombie front shift arm cover - Electra Glide, Tour Glidechromekorea63.5052.48
D K1057   Kuryakyn Boss blades - Touring '08- korea65.0053.72
D K1058   Kuryakyn handlebar levers "Zombie" - Touring '08-'16chromekorea80.0066.12
D K1065   Kuryakyn slotted shift lever - Touring '83-chrometaiwan68.5056.61
D K1077   Kuryakyn shift linkage - Touring, Softailchrometaiwan59.5049.17
D K108   Kuryakyn cover, shift lever - Big Twins 5-speed '85-chrometaiwan23.5019.42
D K1119   Kuryakyn thumb tab for dragon wings taiwan12.009.92
D K113   Kuryakyn license plate mount for Road Kingchromechina40.0033.06
D K1188 () D K1188   Kuryakyn saddle shields, refl. smoke, Touring taiwan70.0057.85
D K1215   Kuryakyn rear axle nut covers - FXR 82-94. FXD. Sportster XLchromekorea36.5030.17
D K1250 () D K1250   Kuryakyn Phantom coverschromekorea60.0049.59
D K1253   Kuryakyn Phantom covers - FXR '82-'94chromekorea89.5073.97
D K1256 () D K1256   Kuryakyn Phantom coverschromekorea60.0049.59
D K1261 () D K1261   Kuryakyn tool bag bracketchromekorea20.0016.53
D K1262   Kuryakyn brace facechromekorea30.0024.79
D K1280 () D K1280   Kuryakyn Dyna rear brake bracket jacketchromekorea20.0016.53
D K1291   Kuryakyn full front caliper coverchrome 19.0015.70
D K1309   Kuryakyn windshield trim, FLTR modelsblacktaiwan60.0049.59
D K1315 () D K1315   Kuryakyn starter connector plug coverchrometaiwan23.5019.42
D K1316 () D K1316   Kuryakyn saddle shields, reflective smoke taiwan60.0049.59
D K1358   Kuryakyn 8" light smoke windshield - FLHT/C/U, FLHX '96- usa99.5082.23
D K1370 () D K1370   Kuryakyn windshield trim for Road Glide taiwan55.0045.45
D K1420   Kuryakyn handlebar clamp 1" taiwan17.0014.05
D K1421   Kuryakyn universal accessory mount w/ 1"clamp taiwan35.0028.93
D K1422   Kuryakyn universal drink holder, 1" handlebarchromechina62.5051.65
D K1423 () D K1423   Kuryakyn handlebar mount electrical power point, w. cigarette lig china70.0057.85
D K1430 () D K1430   Kuryakyn "magnum" mirrors large headchromekorea30.0024.79
D K1437   Kuryakyn "elipse" mirrors with flat glasschrome 175.00144.63
D K1443   Kuryakyn replacement mirror turn signal convex (1432) korea  
D K1444 () D K1444   Kuryakyn pair of mirror extensionschrometaiwan35.0028.93
D K1452 () D K1452   Kuryakyn windshield mounted turn signal mirrors korea195.00161.16
D K1461   Kuryakyn handlebar accessory mountchromechina65.0053.72
D K1462 () D K1462   Kuryakyn universal drink holder basketchromechina55.0045.45
D K1474   Kuryakyn universal acccessory mount, w. 1 1/4" clampchromechina55.0045.45
D K1482   Kuryakyn passenger drink holder basket - Ultra china95.0078.51
D K1507 () D K1507   Kuryakyn Paint Saver Plus gas caps - Softail 97-99chromeusa96.5079.75
D K1510   Kuryakyn custom dash nd tank panel for '91-'95 Softail usa  
D K1513 () D K1513   Kuryakyn Road King lock coverchrometaiwan42.5035.12
D K1518   Kuryakyn dash trim plate - FLHR, Road King '94-'07chrometaiwan24.5020.25
D K1547   Kuryakyn regulator cover, most Touring '97-'11chrometaiwan75.0061.98
D K1551   Kuryakyn Carlini torque arm - Softail '88-'00 usa295.00243.80
D K1600 () D K1600   Kuryakyn oil pressure sender cover - FLTC, FLHTC '87-'98chromekorea35.0028.93
D K1671   Kuryakyn handlebar accessory mount / device holder china37.5030.99
D K1699 () D K1699   Kuryakyn Tech connect kit for holding devices china60.0049.59
D K2002   Kuryakyn breather bolts  18.0014.88
D K2010 () D K2010   Kuryakyn petcock coverchromeusa20.0016.53
D K2011   Kuryakyn petcock coverchromeusa30.0024.79
D K2012   Kuryakyn clutch ferrule coverchromekorea13.0010.74
D K2013   Kuryakyn clutch and banjo covers korea8.006.61
D K2014   Kuryakyn banjo bolt coverchrome 12.5010.33
D K2017   Kuryakyn cover, clutch cable adjuster - H-D 87-up.Kawa Vulcan 800chromekorea38.5031.82
D K2018   Kuryakyn brake bleeder screw coverchromekorea12.009.92
D K2019   Kuryakyn neutral switch coverchrometaiwan17.5014.46
D K2025 () D K2025   Kuryakyn frog mouth neutral switch coverchromekorea20.0016.53
D K2027 () D K2027   Kuryakyn throttle cable elbow cover setchromekorea30.0024.79
D K2030 () D K2030   Kuryakyn "vello" coil cover Sportster taiwan50.0041.32
D K2033 () D K2033   Kuryakyn "vello" coil cover Dyna '91-'95chrometaiwan50.0041.32
D K2036   Kuryakyn Vello coil cover - Softail '84-chrometaiwan74.5061.57
D K2100   Kuryakyn 4 1/2" visor with blue lenschrometaiwan22.5018.60
D K2107   Kuryakyn deep dish bezels w.smoke lenses - bullet turn signalschromechina58.5048.35
D K2109   Kuryakyn deep dish bezels / red lenschromechina40.0033.06
D K2113 () D K2113   Kuryakyn strut lights - redchromekorea95.0078.51
D K2116 () D K2116   Kuryakyn strut lights - redchromekorea95.0078.51
D K212   Kuryakyn light bar mounting bracket - Yamaha Road Starchromechina25.0020.66
D K2125 () D K2125   Kuryakyn outlaw lenses and rings amber usa40.0033.06
D K2126 () D K2126   Kuryakyn outlaw lenses and rings red usa40.0033.06
D K2152   Kuryakyn 93-94 wide style black braided fringes, leverschrome 95.0078.51
D K2155   Kuryakyn 93-94 wide style turquois/creme braided fringes, leverschrome 95.0078.51
D K2157   Kuryakyn 93-94 wide style black/yellow braided fringes, leverschrome 95.0078.51
D K2164   Kuryakyn 93-94 wide style teal/black braided fringes, leverschrome 95.0078.51
D K2175   Kuryakyn 93-94 wide style black/black braided leverschrome 75.0061.98
D K2205 () D K2205   Kuryakyn super white H-4 bulb 60/55W taiwan20.0016.53
D K2287   Kuryakyn 2-piece 49mm fork mountschromekorea67.5055.79
D K2288   Kuryakyn mini bullet lights mounting studs 3/8"-16 / 5/16"-24 taiwan15.0012.40
D K2289   Kuryakyn fender strut light mount for metric cruisers taiwan15.0012.40
D K2305 () D K2305   Kuryakyn small silver bullet halogen 3/8"-16 hollowchromechina50.0041.32
D K2328   Kuryakyn universal wiring harness w/ relay for bullet driving lig  37.5030.99
D K2347   Kuryakyn replacement lens for bullet lightsclearchina13.4511.12
D K2504 () D K2504   Kuryakyn LED mini bullet lights, amberblackchina85.0070.25
D K2505   Kuryakyn torpedo indicator lights, turn onlychrometaiwan125.00103.31
D K3151 () D K3151   Kuryakyn fender tip and curved license plate mountchromechina125.00103.31
D K3160   Kuryakyn Lone Eagle license plate frame - 4" x 7" frameschromekorea64.5053.31
D K3162 () D K3162   Kuryakyn curved license plate frame fits 2098/2099chromechina60.0049.59
D K3183 () D K3183   Kuryakyn side mount license plate clampchromechina32.0026.45
D K3185   Kuryakyn side mount license plate clampchromechina29.0023.97

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